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Sports is an activity that many people enjoy. This is a blog that is placing its focus on all different types of games with a particular emphasis being put on rugby because it has grown so much in popularity. For those who are already sports enthusiasts, they will find information here that will increase their knowledge. Then for those who are just beginning to have an interest in the sports industry, this blog is a great starting point. The information centres around not only the history of sports but what is happening in the modern-day world.

The Differences Between Rugby and Football

28 Nov 2020

Although seemingly similar, there are many differences between rugby and football. For a start, rugby teams consist of 15 players and can have seven substitutions during a game. Football teams have 11 players and six substitutions. Most importantly, football players can only touch the ball with their legs or feet.

The History of Rugby

30 Oct 2020

Rugby as a sport encompasses rugby union and rugby league. Still, both date back to 1845, when the game was given its initial set of official rules. Initially, 20 players were on each side, later reduced to 15. It takes its name from Rugby School, where it was first played.

The Rugby League Four Nations

22 Sep 2020

The Four Nations tournament is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious competitions in rugby league. England, Australia and New Zealand are automatically included. Still, the fourth team has to qualify to take part. The previous list of qualifiers includes France, Papua New Guinea and Wales.